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Reduce circle rates in Noida


In current scenario, it would be better for growth of Noida, to reduce circle rates by administration and Noida Authority atleast by 20-25%. It is necessary to fuel property market & this generation of many jobs which are lost due to economy slump. It would naturally benefit the government too.

May be considered if find suitable !!!


Cyber Awareness to School kids around 300 at Noida. Children are most vulnerable to cyber crimes but are really intelligent and aware, just need the guidance and counselling to make use of this wonderful resource called ‘Internet’. Regards, Anuj Agarwal, Chairman, Centre for Research on Cyber Crime and Cyber Law

Never ending traffic jam at smart city Noida

Noida is so called smart and planned city and show case window of UP but daily traffic jam at various locations taking tool on the smart city tag .

There are various reasons for traffic like
1) Poor road /major intersection design at major crossing of Noida .Example are sec 71,Rajnigandha Chowk ,Noida city centre ,sector 18 metro station ,Labour Chowk ,Logic mall cut ,Balak Nath crossing ,Mamura Chowk ,Bizli Ghar Chowk .
2) Less personal for NTP. NTP need increased strength ,as 140 odd NTP person for city with one million population is not enough at all.
3) NTP should have enough resources like cranes etc which is missing .
4) Action should be taken against defaulters be it non performing NTP person or traffic rule violators
5) They should get full support from NA for changing /implementing changes at regular traffic jam locations .

All the above mentioned points need to follow if NTP/NA/ we want to see some changes .

Thanks ,
Amit Gupta