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Rajiv Goyal

Suggestions regarding Mahamaya flyover traffic jam
1. There is one pit near metro pillar on central verge of noida expressway and if the same is repaired, speed crossing it would be fast
2. Some temporary arrangement to create dedicated lane right before Mahamaya flyover for the vehicles going towards Kalindi Kunj can streamline traffic. Most of people in hurry cover up all lanes to reach on flyover presently.

Gurugram on Top for air pollution …#Delhi #Noida better

Gurgram : Air quality index in Gurugram touched the 356-mark on Monday, surpassing 28 other cities in terms of pollution again.

The other severely polluted cities were Muzaffarpur, Haldia, Lucknow, Agra and Varanasi.

  1. Both HSPCB and environmental activists blame the construction work being carried out on the national highway.
  2. The other severely polluted cities were Muzaffarpur, Haldia, Lucknow, Agra and Varanasi.



It’s daily routine of heavy traffic jam. More we are constructing flyovers and underpasses, situation is turning bad to worse.

Studies may be conducted by IITs and IIMs in this regard to find out long term solution for say 2031. These studies and planning may take 2 yrs with full projections and another 3 yrs to implement plans. And thereafter rolling plans can be made year after years.

In my understanding; and it’s well established study, that whenever we try to solve peculiar problem in linear way, it can not be resolved. Hence only flyover and underpass or widening of road is not solution to this problem. We can see this for the road connecting jhundpura to Indian oil, even after making in single way, there are traffic jams on this road as people have started using road space for parking.

The biggest issue is parking, even at streets in society. There must be parking police of NA, with adequate powers to charge penalties, specially for "Dabang" & people of high connections as other will automatically fall in line, as it happens in Singapore or in Dubai. No car or vehicle to be parked on public space. Zero Tolerance in this regard

Second is planning for 6-7 routes of monorail within noida connecting various sectors of industry, markets & sectors with Metro stations.

Third is investment in broadband using OFC and allowing mixed land use within all sectors, to reduce need to movement

Fourth one which is very important to create ring roads in and around noida with 5-6 more connectivity to Delhi, Indirapuram, Greater Noida and Faridabad

Noida is far behind of growth which the old cities of London, Paris or Singapore & Dubai has witnessed, but traffic is much bigger problem here. Bangkok despite having huge traffic pressure has good speed due to elevated road.and yes these cities have good space on road for pedestrians which we have almost nil.

There is one more problem developing in noida , noise pollution. Many young boys either with bullet motorcycle or with changed silencer create so much of noise as a fun to them but to troubles to others which is need to be controlled fast. We must not forget, mind is affected due to such things and we see lots of irritation and thus unbalanced behaviours sometimes culminating into crimes in society

SHABD HI PYAR BADHAYE – #valentine day special #kavita

"शब्द संभाले बोलिए, शब्द के हाथ न पावं!
"एक शब्द करे औषधि, एक शब्द करे घाव!

"शब्द सम्भाले बोलियेे, शब्द खीँचते ध्यान!
"शब्द मन घायल करेँ, शब्द बढाते मान!

"शब्द मुँह से छूट गया, शब्द न वापस आये..
"शब्द जो हो प्यार भरा, शब्द ही मन मेँ समाएँ!

"शब्द मेँ है भाव रंग का, शब्द है मान महान!
"शब्द जीवन रुप है, शब्द ही दुनिया जहान!

"शब्द ही कटुता रोप देँ, शब्द ही बैर हटाएं!
"शब्द जोङ देँ टूटे मन, शब्द ही प्यार बढाएं…..!!

#valentine day special kavita by hasya kavi Vinod Pandey

जब वैलेंटाइन आता है,
दिल बाग-बाग हो जाता है,
सूने वीराने पतझड़ में,
जैसे बसंत छा जाता है,
रिमझिम सी घटा बरसती है,
इस माघ-पूस के सावन में,
मन किशन-कन्हैया हो जाए,
दीवानों के वृंदावन में.

करते हैं याद सभी वो दिन
जब साथ घूमने जाते थे,
हिलते-डुलते उन झूलों में,
वो भी पूरे हिल जाते थे,
पर पास में कोई रहता था तब,
झूठी हिम्मत शो करते,
अंदर से दिल घबराता था,
बाहर से हो-हो करते.

कुछ ऐसे वीर अभी भी है,
जो याद संजोए रहते है,
गत साल मिला जो सिला इन्हे,
बस उसमें खोए रहते है
इतने लाचार हैं आदत से
अब भी ये पगला जाते हैं,
गैरों की हरकत देख-देख,
खुद हरकत में आ जाते हैं

दिल की धड़कन मत ही पूछो,
दुगुने स्पीड से भाग रहा,
सारी दुनिया जब सोती है,
आशिक़ परवाना जाग रहा,
करवट बदले बिस्तर पर बस,
नैनों में नींद न रुकती थी,
खुद में उलझे, खुद में सुलझे,
यह देख चाँदनी हँसती थी,

यह प्यार का मारा आशिक़ है,
अपने ही ऊपर ज़ोर नही,
कितने झटके अब तक खाए,
फिर भी देखो कमजोर नहीं,
अब भी स्कूटर लेकर के,
मंदिर के पीछे जाता है,
बस एक झलक उसकी पाकर,
मन ही मन खुश हो जाता है.

© हास्य कवि विनोद पांडेय

नोएडा: अब ₹500 करोड़ का क्लिक कांड

नोएडा: 3700 करोड़ के लाइक्स घोटाले के बाद इसी तर्ज पर काम करने वाली एक और कंपनी वेबवर्क के ढाई लाख इन्वेस्टर्स की 500 करोड़ से ज्यादा की रकम फंसती नजर आ रही है।


पहले चरण में शामिल 15 जिलों का वोटिंग प्रतिशत-
गौमतबुदध नगर- 59.33
गाजियाबाद- 57
बुलंदशहर- 64
हापुड़- 69.8
मेरठ- 65
मुजफ्फरनगर- 65
शामली- 62
बागपत- 67
आगरा- 63.94
मथुरा- 68.3
अलीगढ़- 65
हाथरस- 63.47
फिरोजाबाद- 63.5
एटा- 68
कासगंज- 64

59.8% Turnout as Polling Ends in G.B Nagar, First-Time Voters vote for change

Shamshad Ali

Noida, Feb 11: Amid security arrangements, polling ended in Gautam Buddh Nagar district with the record turnover of 59.8%

There were 284000 voters and 1246 polling stations where people from all castes came out their homes to cast their votes for the first phase of the seven-round polls.

GB Nagar distric consists of three constituencies: Noida 50%, Jewar 66% and Dadri 61% where people came in large numbers to participate in the electoral process.

People came early in the morning from 7 am to 5 pm in the evening. Large queues were witnessed and some fight were witnessed during the day.

Most of the voters complained that their polling booths were changed and some voters alleged that their voter IDs were not delivered to them even on the polling day.

The battle for the Uttar Pradesh assembly election 2017 begins on Saturday, Seventy three assembly seats of Uttar Pradesh spread across 15 districts, amid elaborate security arrangements. A total of 2.60 crore voters, including over 1.17 crore women and 1,508 belonging to third gender category were eligible to cast their ballots in 26,823 polling stations to decide the fate of 839 candidates.

The first phase of polling will decide the electoral fortunes of Pankaj Singh (Noida seat), son of Home Minister Rajnath Singh, where he is fighting against SP candidate Sunil Choudhary.