GIVE ARMY POWER TO DEAL WITH STONE PELTING : CAPT (Retd) VIMAL JAIN #kashmir #indianarmy @pmoindia

Ppl pelting stone on men-with-guns. Men-with-stone killing Men-with-gunsbcoz they can’t open fire on protesters (innocent civilians) according to Govt policy. What a joke. It’s pity on our policies and double standards.
Since miscreants r aware of this Govt policy that’s why they r coming openly close to army vehicles and pelting stones. It’s democracy or mockery of democracy. It’s world’ strongest army or mockery in the name of strength.
Modi ji should take one more strong step fwd and give army it’s due regard & power, of not to fight these miscreants but to protect themselves from these patty criminals. In one week, बंदूक़ तो दूर uniform देख कर ही इन दंगाईयों की पतलून गंदी हो जायेगी। Our army is very judicious in opening fire. They open fire as a last resort only. जय हिंद