More than CAG audit, need is to have technical audits in Authorities

By Rajiv Goyal

CAG is doing audits in many departments but I am failed to know if anywhere corruption could be reduced.

Sh Vinod Rai made CAG very popular as an agency to fight against corruption and actions were initiated by Sh Man Mohan Singh Govt. however, result is that Sh H S Gupta, IAS retd , the most honest person is behind the bars. And yes, Sh Yadav Singh even without CAG audit is behind bar.

More than CAG audit, need is to have technical audit of works , designs, plans, estimates, BOQ & BOM. Issues like laying of pipes after construction of roads; desilting of drains, issue of FAR & delay in completion of projects etc. Audit is also need to be done to know whether expenditures done were actually necessary. The good example is construction of parks by Ms Mayawati ji. Whether it was right or wrong but once it was constructed, SP Govt and now BJP govt is not able to monetise this asset for public welfare and gain commercially.

CAG audit instead of finding faults, should also provide way forward to make Authorities financially viable