Noida city’s admirer Tanmay Shankar’s Mann ki baat

Not that it is for criticism of work done by Authority or any other dept, but there are few things which certainly are point of concern.

1. I mentioned few months back about lane markings and signs on expressway, no one heard and now in three days all markings and signs were done. Millions are driving every month on these roads, are they not important citizen of India/UP.

2. Potholes on full stretch and and on service roads of expressway were repaired within no time and Just want to highlight that the potholes near metro pillar on expressway were not repaired for long, where it was bottleneck during pick hours.

3. All banners or unwanted advertisements have been removed… We had been chasing Noida Authority for long.

4. Kerbs painted, railing repaired… What a scene. I tell you one instance of a railing near Mahamaya flyover which was broken and obstructing the driveway for many days, and been repaired for just one important visit.
5. Speed breakers of service road removed in just one day as CM was visiting yesterday. . This was to be done long back.
But never was done… But now because our dear CM had to drive on these roads, he should not feel discomfort.

6. Median plantation etc doen on a warfoot. Generally when you approach Authority for such drives, you hear that tenders have to be placed.. Was the process followed.

7. Lights repaired… Wow.. It takes months for few replacements and LED lights been installed on DND and on Expressway upto the section where PM will be visiting… Fantastic… But why this prompt action does not come to demand of आम आदमी.

We all pay taxes and in return want the Authorities and Govt to take care of basic services., but it is unfortunate to see that all that money goes into showcase of works during such visits.

Our farmers in villages do not have even roads to their farms and here we see money spent for carpeting the built roads on VVIP visits.