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Within a 1 kilometre radius, the area houses:
– Four malls – Great India Place, Centre Stage Mall, DLF Mall of India, and Garden’s Galleria
– One open market – Sector 18 market
– Two theme parks – Kidzania and Worlds of Wonder
– Two superstores – Hypercity and Decathlon
– Over 700 retail brands, including 200+ high-end brands that are found nowhere else in Noida
– Close to 100 retail and F&B brands that are not found anywhere else in NCR
– Three multiplexes with 18 screens
– 60 lakh square feet of covered area in the malls
– Parking space for up to 25,000 cars
– Over 2.5 lakh visitors on the busiest days


One issue I see daily which I am sharing. Many DTC buses encroach on the main Dadri road such near the Sector 37 underpass. ( when we are coming from Sector 47 side and going towards Sector 18 ). This creates great difficulty to the people passing this stretch especially during the office hours. Kindly the request the Traffic Deptt to have them relocated elsewhere so smooth flow of traffic may be maintained. Thnx. AKSHAY NOIDA


Good morning dear all members & respected Noida authority officials on this group. Just want to share that in my 30 years of stay in noida never have I seen such pro active officers who read our grievances and try best to provide earliest solutions to the same. From the last week or so, while going to work I see several cleaning staff clearing the bushes alongside the roads, clearing the rain water drains, repairing footpaths , clearing malba / debris etc. This action is much faster than what we had expected ever. A little more time and some more good officer to join in this noble crusade. Noida will come out in a totally new look. 😊 AJSHAY NOIDA


Except Garbage cleaning no major issues are take-up by Noida Authority/DCEO sir till now.

We are tax payer citizens and pay top class circle rates to Noida Authority but we forced to live in slum.

Cleaning of Drains, cleaning of parks, repairing of roads are very basic things that people demands through this group. It’s my personal thought that it’s a failure of system/Authority if such silly complaints are demanding by Residents

If you not permitted then it’s not justified.

We are elected by Residents for these work only.



What can easily be noticed through past few days photos that dumping of garbage & piling up of the same is major issue brought forward by members and thankfully ACEO sahab is directing to take care to get matter resolved with the support of his team.

What I intend to say that this problem being perpetual would require permanent solution as keeping engaged Sr officer may result into over stressing to them.

In my locality I have seen that even very well off people refuse to hire sweeper’s service which is only @ 75/- per month and instead throwing garbages directly on road. Probably this must be happening at many locations.

Then how to resolve this issue. It’s also a matter of specialised services requiring contribution from all concerned, financial supports from government, when all services carry 0.5% swacch Bharat cess.

There is an urgent need to strengthen :
a. Vigilance upon them who are source to dump garbage & fine them including notices to such dwelling units. A team of 100 people vested with powers to fine or get arrested violators may be deployed to cover entire noida city. This team can be financially independent with money generated through fines. I hope strict follow ups & inspection can reduce this problem by 10-20% easily.

b. Promote solid & liquid waste management at dwelling unit itself. Fora plot of 250 mtr, cost is around Rs 50 K to convert entire garbage into manure. One can actually have Cost return by selling manures in 5 years of period.

c. Above 2 are very difficult to implement. However, Rs 2/- per mtr per month from each plot can be standard fee like water charges for deploying waste management services by appointing standard private companies.

d. Using waste management services and generate electricity to meet 5% demand of noida city only. VGF of Paisa 25 per unit of electricity generated may be required to fund. Ash can be used for making bricks. Probably, expert of this field can provide better solutions too.

Submitted for exploring better & permanent solutions, involving experts of this field. We have every chance to be cleanest city in India.

In NOIDA CCTVs are must for security and safety : RAJIV GOYAL

Community participation is very much required to prevent any big incident in any city. I do also keep asking suspicious people nearby my house & park, and sometime get abuses also. One of the biggest trouble in sector 12 near Bhau Devras School is about indecent behaviour by boys & girls. You will be surprised when many boys go away silently, girls start abusing more.

I really appreciate your efforts; your one daring step might result into prevention of bigger crime.

I have put up 6 camera covering my house & road incl entry gate of street. It has reduced the problem a lot. My suggestion will be to promote CCTV at individual houses, compulsorily CCTV at shops, markets & industries. This may not eliminate crime but definitely will help police & authority to solve the cases much faster..It’s my view only which can be rectified if find with some error 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


I used to feel candle light does not make any difference. But then some social activist madam who is renowned personality, during my interaction with her at one airport, changed my views. As this is also results into binding society which increases confidence into people & make criminals little worry. She told me remember that such gathering is not a new phenomenon but old age practice against suppressions. It gives a strength to victim & their family members too. It will help in mobilising in society to behave with sensitivity with rape victims and extending emotional support

However, in such matters state is giving advocates, so I donot know whether one can be given advocate personally. Apart from this, state got punishment to culprits in court …but then no result…

Financial assistance is very much required for family. Crowdsource funding may be done for family

Mind set of the people is important : PRABAL PRATAP SINGH #NOIDA POLICE OFFICER ON #GANGRAPE

I disagree with your opinion ..
I think it is the society and the people which is important .
The mindset of society is important.
No matter who does what, the people living around the rape surviver or any other victim play a very important role.
Ultimately this the temperament of society which is reflecting in what government machinery is doing .
If society understands its responsibility to maintain and protect the dignity of every individual then i think any government machinery would not be able to ignore any individual..
So i believe responsibility lies with us to strengthen ourselves. Make ourselves a better and responsible citizen and making us answerable to our society.
I believe that the moment we change our mindset and become more responsible and sensitive things and scenario would certainly change ..



Traffic jams is an issue in every city specially after rains due to various reasons. Noida being city full of innovative & IT people; some solution in the form of mobile app or mass informative system may be provided by a startup wherein not only location of traffic jam can be pointed but also suggested routes may be provided.

Similarly, if rules permit in U.P., roping of volunteers for traffic management on crossing, with powers to provide support for challans for traffic violators through authorised officer of police department; may be explored too. More than 5000 such volunteers work in Kolkatta @ Rs 175 per day for duty of 4-6 hrs and assist traffic police in managing traffic. I have felt it’s working fine there.

As many roads are under construction specially Viswabharti to sector 61; it divides entire city into two parts. On many main roads entries into sectors are restricted by closing doors leading to undesired choking on almost every crossing as people have to take lengthy routes. A simulation may be done with the help of SPA or IIT delhi in this matter. Probably opening of all sector gates during peak hours can only remove traffic jams. Whatever be the flyovers or elevated roads, they can bring people to sector but if there is limited mobility to enter into sector; choking of traffic is bound to happen.

Noida needs water harvesting to check mate waterlogging

Shared info in public interest – Today measured 36 mm rain at greater noida till 8 pm. In July average rain recorded is around 300 mm, maximum in one day 62 mm near Wipro.

Point is 300 mm water is equivalent to 30 KL for 100 sqmt plot if water harvesting is done, sufficient for one month of consumption. What could be an opportunity, becomes mess on road & inefficiency in services.

Making pucca parking on roads actually stop water seepage into earth & results into water logging

Let’s promote water harvesting at each house / factory / parks / road / wherever possible to make our city free from water-logging.