My experience with Shri Pankaj Singh NOIDA MLA @pksbjp

Today I met our honourable MLA Sri Pankaj Ji in his office. I had gone there to bring to his notice some issues regarding my society.
I am very grateful to Pankaj Ji for his kind attention given to my issues. I have found Pankaj Ji to be always very gracious in the way he handles his visitors. He must be getting innumerable complaints from a very large cross section of society. I was pleasantly surprised to find that he remembers all the points related to various areas of Noida.
I found his staff also to be very attentive, alert and courteous, like an employee of a good MNC, if I may say so.

*Once again my thanks to Pankaj Ji. It is reassuring that we have a MLA like him, to support our cause. I would love to meet him again and again*

*I should not forget to mention that before I could sit in the outer hall I was served with lovely sweets and a glass of water by a very well mannered guy!! My thanks to him. Much appreciated.*

With Regards
Col P Chandra