Daily Archive: April 4, 2017

Thank you @javeeddgpup says FONRWA for ANTi ENCROACHMENT DRIVE

Today an Encroachment drive was carried out in Noida by Police department led by Sh. Dinish yadav S.P City & DCEO Sh. Samuya Srivsatava hi Noida Authority, jointly.

Today the drive was from sector 37 Noida to bhangel on DSC Road.

We need many more such officers like DCEO Sh. Samuya Srivsatava ji & S P City, Sh. Dinesh Yadav ji as well as many such drive.

Noida need such drive regularly till all Encroachments are removed.

I hope that Noida will soon be totally encroachment free in near feature.

These drives are just because of your Greasious presence of DGP, IGP and Sh. PK Agarwal, ACEO in FONRWA Meeting held on 2-04-2017.

It has positive impact on the work culture in Police department & Noida Authority.

Thanks & Regard

Sanjeev Kumar
Advisor, FONRWA


Demolition Drive In Noida To Remove Encroachment

Ashish Kedia

District authorities in Noida today carried out a demolition drive in certain regions of Noida.

Encroachment was removed from both sides of road connecting sector 37 to Bhangel.
Authority officials were present together with adequate police force to monitor the demolition drive.

This stretch of road from Bhangel is notoriously known for traffic jams. Citizens of Noida hope that after removing unauthorized occupants from the road, traffic might improve and help in fast commutation through this route.

As of now the road looks wider than ever, though real test of time would be during peak hours on non-holiday days.

बादलपुर गवर्नमेंट पी जी कॉलेज में बॉयोमी ट्रिक्स सिस्टम से स्टाफ की अटेंडेंस शुरू, जुल ाई से हर स्टूडेंट के लिए भी होगी जरूरी.

बादलपुर गवर्नमेंट पी जी कॉलेज में बॉयोमीट्रिक्स सिस्टम से स्टाफ की अटेंडेंस शुरू, जुलाई से हर स्टूडेंट के लिए भी होगी जरूरी.