Daily Archive: November 28, 2018

Noida Traffic Police To Increase Patrolling To Catch The Evaders

The height barrier installed at the Atta Peer Chowk to prevent the entry of heavy vehicles has been broken 10 to 12 times in past few weeks.
The route has become a get away for the large vehicles due to lack of patrolling by the Noida Traffic Police.
On Sunday the height barrier was removed by the authorities after it was totally knocked down by a truck on Saturday night.
This incident highlighted the lack of traffic cops overseeing the city routes at night, due to which the truck drivers took advantage and uses this route to evade the Police checks.
After the allegations imposed on the traffic police, they closed the entry to Sector 18 on Maharaja Agrasen Marg. This entry was closed earlier also but opened after the protest of Sector 18 market association.
Today a meeting at MLSS was held regarding this issue between the association.
Sushil Jain, president of the sector 18 market association said that “today’s meeting was very successful and it was decided to open the blocked cut between J block and P block”.
Mr. Anil Kumar Jha S P Traffic joined them at the site to oversee the situation and agreed on the proposals of the association.
S.K Jain thanked all the members of the association for this success.

नोएडा में फिर हुई पुलिस और बदमाशों के बीच म ुटभेड

नोएडा के सेक्टर 127 में पुलिस और बदमाशों के बीच मुठभेड़।
एक बदमाश को गोली लगी दूसरा बदमाश मौके से फरार।
50 हज़ार का इनामी बदमाश पुलिस की गोली का हुआ शिकार। पिछले 12 साल से दादरी से फरार चल रहा था।
ताज मोहदमद नाम का यह बदमाश अभी कुछ दिन पहले ग्रेटर नोएडा पुलिस के साथ मुठभेड़ में फरार हो गया था ।
मुठभेड़ नोएडा के थाना एक्सप्रेस वे इलाके में सेक्टर 127 में हुई दूसरे फरार बदमाश की तलाश जारी ।