Daily Archive: June 18, 2017

No Jams, No Traffic as Noida gets busy in enjoying heated India-Pak finale

Noida roads and crossings which are usually infamous for long jams and howling traffic today have a very different site.

The finale of Champions trophy which has also fallen on a hot Sunday has restricted large number of Noida residents inside their homes.

The sound of honking horns is replaced by huge cheers in front of large screens installed at different malls and Water park to make people enjoy this battle of cricket.

Consolation Prize for Home buyers : Noida CEO removes provision of obtaining additional mortgage permission

Today Speaking at Samasya-Samadhan initiative of Dr. Mahesh Sharma Noida CEO Amit Mohan Prasad spoke in a plethora of issues ranging from Yoga Day, Art culture centre, farmer issue and flyovers.

However buyers waited with baited breath to get some answers on their persistent issues.

Finally CEO Amit Mohan Said, "All buyers who have purchased flats from builders and have some loans will not to have take repeated permission and Sub lease will now also be treated as mortgage permission".

Administration needs to change its imperial mentality : Noida residents hard hitting statement to Authority

During ongoing "Samasya and Samadhan" session, esteemed Noida residents have raised the issue of distance between public and administration.

A speaker said, "Authority officials are getting paid for resolving all the issues that we are today discussing here. If only they change their mentality and start being more approachable to public, lot of these issues will be resolved".

The statement was relieved will loud applause by the audience.

FONRWA demands construction of “Dharmshala”, hostels in Noida during Dr. Mahesh Sharma’s “Samasya and Samadhan” session

During today’s Samasya and Samadhan session being organized by Union Minister and Noida MP Dr. Mahesh Sharma, FONRWA has raised demand for construction of a Dharamshala, so that financially challenged people can also have an affordable option to stay in Noida. It was also demanded to better the maintenance of hostel in the city.