Daily Archive: November 16, 2017

A security lapse at Hindon Air Base, a man shot down.

A 25 year old man was shot and injured by Security personnel while he was trying to scale the boundary wall of India’s largest air base at Hindon , police said on Wednesday . Security at military installations in north India has been increased because of intelligence inputs of terrorist attacks terrorist. Unknown suspect later identified as Sujit kumar was shot in the leg when he ignored the warning given to him by security personnel guarding the air base. He was later handed over to the police.

After the incident all the military base were on high alert but, however police have not linked the latest incident to terrorism. Family members of Kumar said he was a drug addict, a habit he allegedly acquired during his two-year stay in Mumbai. Questioned about Sujit Kumar, senior superintendent of police HN Singh Kumar said the man is from Pratapgarh in Uttar Pradesh and has been staying in Ghaziabad for the last couple of months.

“He had been staying at places in Delhi’s Anand Vihar and in Ghaziabad. He seems to be a drug addict… a case has been registered against him,” said Rakesh Kumar Singh, station house officer of Sahibabad police station.“I am from Anand Vihar and when I reached the air base, I wanted to sit as I was tired after walking. I generally eat and stay at religious places,” Kumar told

According to the police, Sujit first tried to enter an aircraft installation at the main entrance of the airbase and was warned by the security personnel.

Top District officials will told dos & donts in India to foreign students.

A meeting is going to held on Wednesday with delegations of foreign students studying in various universities across the Gautam Budh Nagar with district administration. The idea behind the meeting is to help foreign students acclimatize with the Indian culture so they don’t have to face problems.

“We are holding this meeting to communicate with foreign students and the district administration. We want to hear their issues to ensure that the administration is always there if they want to reach out,” district magistrate BN Singh said.

Nationals from 72 countries are studying in eight universities across the district. Registrars of universities have been asked to ensure maximum participation in the meeting. Senior officials like the district magistrate, senior superintendent of police and others will be attending the meeting with students. Officials from the district administration and the police department are going to hear the problems faced by foreign students, such as like racial comments, language barrier, etc. Also, officials will be telling students about the dos and donts to avoid trouble or controversy.

And officials will guide them about how to behave in India as in many western countries showing affection in public is normal but in India this gesture is not been accepted and they should also be care full with their dressing style so the locals don’t have objection and clashes can be avoided. This will help them in the long run if they will stay in India.” GB Nagar additional district magistrate Kumar Vinit said.

According to officials, the usage and sale of banned drugs, like marijuana, and other such substances are matter of concern as it affects social environment of other students . Use of such substances by foreign students will also be discussed in the meeting.

“We are going to tell students that they should avoid using any psychotropic substances to have a safe stay in India. Students have been found using marijuana and we want to ensure this does not happen in again in future,” ADM said.

108 Emergency ambulance saved lakhs of life in 5 years.

On Monday district health department reviled the figures that 1.7 lakh people who were availed of the 108 emergency ambulance service of the district health department in the past five years. The 102 emergency ambulance service for pregnant women has assisted thousands in the past three years .

According to data released by health department, over 1.7 lakh people got benefited of emergency ambulance service.

The 108 emergency services was launched state-wide in UP on September 14, 2012, and 102 emergency service started on January 17, 2014 “The emergency services in Gautam Budh Nagar have set a record by assisting lakhs of distressed and injured people. The108 emergency ambulance service has been availed of by over

1.7 lakh people and thousands of pregnant women have been saved by the 108 ambulance,” Emergency Ambulance Services programme manager Rakesh Thakur said.

At present, there are nine ambulances of 108 emergency service and 17 ambulances of 102 emergency service. These services are available round-the clock and on all days of the year. Across the state, there are 3,756 ambulances of the 108 and 102 emergency services, which also maintain a nursing facility equipped with smart phones.

“The 108 ambulance service can be availed of in cases of emergency medical service, police action and fire service response. The 108 emergency services can also be used in case of police or fire emergency,” Dr Anurag Bhargav, chief medical officer of GB Nagar, said.