Daily Archive: October 29, 2017

नोएडा: नवरत्न फाउंडेशन के जो आय वो गाये में बच्चो से लेकर बुजुर्गों ने नए पुराने गाने गा कर बाधा समा

नोएडा के सेक्टर 26 के क्लब में नवरत्न फाउंडेशन की तरफ से बॉलीवुड म्यूजिकल इवनिंग जो आय वो गाये म्यूजिकल का आयोजन किया गया , जिसमे बच्चो से लेकर बुजुर्ग लोगो ने नए पुराने गाने गाकर बाधा समा

Amity Law Schools Tops Medal Tally in Inter School Sports Competition “Sangathan 2017”!

Saurabh Kumar


An Inter School Sports Competition ‘Sanghatan 2017’ was organized at Amity University in which Amity Law School obtained 1st rank and Amity University, Uttar Pradesh won the champions trophy. On Saturday all winning teams and players were honored during the closing ceremony.

In these tough fought competition Amity Law School got 17 gold’s, 15 silver & 9 bronze. Combined teams of Amity School of Engineering & Technology and Amity School of Engineering got 18 gold’s, 11 silver, & 12 bronze. They were awarded with 2nd rank in the medal tally.

With 5 gold’s , 5 silver & 6 bronze, School of Commerce & Finance got 3rd rank. Also combined teams of Amity School of Biotechnology & Amity School of Anthropology got 7 gold’s, 3 bronze, & 2silvers to score 4th rank whereas Amity School of Business got 3 gold, 10 silver & 6 bronze and took 5th rank.

On Saturday during closing ceremony founder president of Amity Group of Educational Institution Ashok Chauhan honored the winning teams.

He said "Amity is hub of talented individuals. The energy and vigor with which students participated in these competitions has proved that Amity students not only do good in academics but also excel in sports".

He also advised all the participants to do more hard work so that they can be groomed into good players of future.

"Winning or defeat does not matter in sports but what matters more is to take parts in such events and never get disappointed with the defeat", he added.